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Chairman’s Message

It is a true pleasure to serve as the Chairman of your Board of Trustees. All Board members are dedicated and continually strive to achieve the goals of Pee Dee Electric Cooperative.

Namely to ensure that Pee Dee Electric continues to rank as one of the top electric cooperatives in the nation; to retain our excellent national rating in customer satisfaction; to provide your electricity at the lowest possible cost; and to always serve you according to the four cooperative values: integrity, accountability, innovation and community commitment.

Pee Dee Electric will also continue to invest time and resources in the communities we serve through strong economic development leadership and other initiatives; will continue to grow with the communities we serve; and will continue to implement innovative solutions to operate your cooperative as efficiently as possible.
We are proud of our past successes and of all the employees who worked hard to attain them. Those successes add strength to the foundation from which future achievements will rise.

But no matter how many “successes” we accrue, one thing remains paramount: Our members are the most important part of Pee Dee Electric Cooperative. Your cooperative is stronger because of your support and participation. We thank you for that.

As a member-owner, I am very proud of Pee Dee Electric Cooperative. As a trustee and Chairman of the Board, I am doubly proud to be a part of such an outstanding co-op.


James A. Goodson Signature
James A. Goodson, Chairman
Board of Trustees