Economic Development

Energy Pricing & Services

Pee Dee Electric’s energy pricing and services contribute to the growth of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. Our energy pricing rates and services can be customized to fit your business, and our competitiveness keeps us at the front of other energy providers.

We Can Customize

In the past few years Pee Dee Electric has created many new rates and rate riders for industry and commerce. The rates allow us to offer wholesale power, as well as real-time pricing and time-of-use that are applicable to industry of all types. This provides us the opportunity to customize our rate and rate rider applications, contracts and energy services to meet the needs of our customers.

Power System Components and Reliability

Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is part of the South Carolina Power Team. This team includes the South Carolina Public Service Authority (Santee Cooper) as the electric generating utility and Central Electric Power Cooperative as the transmission company. Working together, this power team has built an unbeatable combination of affordable power, reliability and customer service to benefit our member-owners, and offers the largest power delivery system in South Carolina, combined with the local service to respond to all of your power needs.


Pee Dee Electric Cooperative serves large industrial and distribution accounts on its Cost of Service Schedule for large industrial power service. This rate incorporates the billing determinants of the wholesale power rate P1 or IL-4. This rate is a “cost of service” rate which essentially allows the customer to purchase capacity and energy at wholesale prices. The IL-4 rate is designed for very large customers served directly off the bulk transmission system by a sub-station built exclusively for the single customer’s use. The P1 rate is designed for somewhat smaller industrial or distribution customers who are served through an existing substation.

Pee Dee Electric Cooperative offers two significant power cost savings to reduce the demand related charges for large industrial and distribution customers.

These are:

  • Determination of Billing Demand. Unlike other electric utilities, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative uses a unique method to measure actual demand for billing, which will save the large power consumer between 10-15% on demand related costs.
  • Time of Demand Measurement. The actual demand of a large power user is not measured at the actual highest peak demand, but is measured at our cooperative combined system peak. Consequently, the large power user has the means to minimize power costs by internally managing electrical demand during the co-incidental system peak.


As your full service energy provider, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative offers services in the field of energy efficiency and local management system design and will provide energy audits to ensure the facility continues to operate in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.

Other special services include energy consulting, preventive maintenance programs, bill consolidation, financing programs and equipment maintenance programs. While some of these services are provided at no cost, any charge for other programs and services are billed at the actual cost, in that Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is a not for-profit electric distribution utility.

Getting Further Information

Once you determine your project’s electric demand, energy use and operating profile, we can step you through applicable rate options.