Energy Safety

Call Before you Dig

No matter how large or small the digging project is, it is important to “Call Before You Dig” or “Click Before You Dig!” By making one simple FREE phone call or by  filling out an online form you can protect you and your community from costly fines, repairs, personal injury or inconvenient outages.

At least 3 business days prior to digging, call 811 or 888-721-7877. A representative will record the location of the digging site and notify Pee Dee Electric and other member utility companies of your intent to dig. Each utility will  send a representative to your dig site to mark the location of their lines. Once your lines have been marked, you may begin carefully to dig, keeping in mind a 2 1/2 foot allowance on either side of the markings.

Failure to call before digging results in 200,000 unintentional cut lines annually. Don’t let your project become part of this statistic.

You may request locate service at the 811 website or by calling 811. Either way, your underground utility lines will be marked.