Member Services

Capital Credits

For 2019, Capital Credits in the amount of $3,228,549 was returned to members in October.  An additional $1.5 million was also distributed in December.  Since 1950, we’ve returned over $108 million back to our members.


The non-profit, cooperative concept of supplying electricity to members at cost is a unique benefit not offered by other types of energy suppliers.

Capital credits are margins in excess of the cost of providing reliable electric power that are returned to members based on the member’s annual patronage for the scheduled year. Unlike investor-owned utilities where dividends are paid to national and international investors, capital credit returns go to those who received electric service, providing an economic boost to the local economy.

These benefits spread out all over the Pee Dee, multiplying at least four times as member-owners and their families patronize local merchants, restaurants, entertainment entities, businesses, and banks.

In addition, the capital credits that Pee Dee Electric returns to commercial and industrial member-owners help these companies invest in growth and jobs for the people of the Pee Dee.

Capital credit returns reflect the efficient operation of the cooperative’s management and employees. With this efficiency of operation, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative continues to experience an excellent financial status.