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Pay It Forward

Pre-paid electricity program to help manage consumption and purchase power when and how you want.


  • A deposit is not required to establish service with PAY IT FORWARD
  • An initial minimum payment of $50 – $85 will get you started with $50 going toward electricity use

Monitor and Manage Electricity Use

  • Make weekly or bi-weekly payments rather than one large payment each month
  • It’s easy and convenient to monitor both usage and credit balance online and/or by phone
  • Choose to be notified by e-mail and/or phone regarding the credit balance / need for payment
  • Pay by every method available. Click here to see Payment Options.

Helping You Manage Your Energy Costs

Prepaid electricity helps lower electric consumption due to member’s awareness of their usage. Any member interested in monitoring and lowering electric usage and costs will benefit from PAY IT FORWARD.

Contact us to make PAY IT FORWARD work for you.

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