2016 Capital Credits returned to members over $3m!

by Pee Dee Electric Cooperative

The Pee Dee Electric Cooperative Board of Directors has authorized retiring 100% of the remaining capital credits for 2003, 15% for 2004, and 5% of 2015 totaling $3,185,817 in capital credits returned for 2016. The Board is excited to return your investment in your electric cooperative with this capital credit retirement. As a not-for-profit cooperative, all funds not used for operating are invested in the co-op. The check you will receive reflects your portion of the margins made from the years being retired. This is just one of the cooperative differences that makes serving you and our communities a pleasure!
Pee Dee Electric Cooperative exists to make sure your needs are always met, not to make a profit. Any revenues over and above the cost of doing business are considered “margins”. At the end of the year, margins are allocated to each member in proportion to the amount of electricity they purchased. When the allocated funds are returned as capital credits, we say that those capital credits have been “retired”.

Learn more here:  Capital Credit FAQ’s

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