Commerce City Food Processing Certified Site

by Pee Dee Electric Cooperative

Pee Dee Electric Commerce City has received a “Shovel-Ready” Site Designation Award for the Food and Beverage Industry for its Food Processing Certified Site. Located at the intersection of I-95 and Highway 327 in Florence, this is South Carolina’s only certified food processing site.

A certified site provides an expanding or re-locating business with detailed property, geotechnical, utility, environmental, ownership, transportation and permitting research within the convenience of a small binder.

Before awarding the designation to the 39-acre site, Cleveland-based Austin Consulting – a leader in site selection consulting for the food and beverage industry – evaluated more than 200 critical variables, performed detailed field investigations of the site and conducted numerous meetings with economic development and utility officials at the city and county level.

This confluence of information shows the site meets the highest standards in the food processing field and allows companies to expedite the process of doing business in the region served by Pee Dee Electric Co-op and NESA, the North Eastern Strategic Alliance, by mitigating much of the time, expense and risk incurred during a typical site selection process.

E. LeRoy “Toy” Nettles, President and CEO of PDEC said, “We are thrilled to have this site designation in Commerce City.  There’s a history of top-line companies finding a home here and we are sure another admirable industry, the first of many, will soon put down roots in the region.”

South Carolina State Senator and Chairman of the NESA Executive Committee Yancey McGill said, “The creation of this certified site marks a great day for the NESA region, A product like this will give us a marked advantage against other sites across the country by the merit of it being certified ‘shovel ready’ and short-cutting any location process for an incoming company. As we continue to grow and prosper, the certification of sites like Pee Dee Electric Food Processing Certified Site will become common place and make the NESA region one of the top areas in the nation to do business.”

South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers – one of the top proponents behind the region’s move to have the site certified – said the fact that the state now has a certified food processing site will show that Florence County and the NESA region are prime destinations for new, expanding or relocating companies.

Jack Shuler, the president of the Palmetto Agribusiness Council, said he thinks the site will serve as an opportunity creator for NESA and give the region a head-start when it comes to locating businesses in the region.

Fred Gassaway, the executive vice president of marketing of the South Carolina Power Team, said as South Carolina continues to focus on agribusiness, the site is a perfect fit for not just the region, but the state as a whole.

“We are delighted to support the creation of a certified site for food processing companies,” Gassaway said. “We have designated the food sector as a major growth industry for South Carolina, given our rich agricultural base and strategic proximity to markets up and down the east coast. The Pee Dee Electric Food Processing Certified Site is a perfect fit for companies that require a lot of water for processing operations and reliable and affordable power.

For more information Pee Dee Electric Commerce City.

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